"The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition."

 ~Thomas Edison


About Us

MDN Development is a Swiss family business which specializes in creating, manufacturing and marketing food supplements. In our opinion, nature is perfectly designed for us to find, in a balanced diet, everything our body needs to stay healthy. It is with this in mind that all of our products are designed. Indeed, we select each ingredient for its natural properties and combine them to act in synergy to maintain high essential body functions, such as the immune system.

In line with this philosophy, all our products are of natural origin, whether they are plant extracts, marine organisms, colostrum extracts, combinations of amino acids and peptides, or various vitamins. We use very innovative extraction techniques to extract from each ingredient, the molecules essential for the human body, without altering them.

Thanks to a strong know-how in microbiology and in the combination of natural resources, as well as very innovative production techniques, MDN Development is at the forefront of the market in offering high quality food supplements.

At MDN Development, our work is based on five key principles:

  1. Our products are from natural source exclusively.

  2. We specialize in combining natural resources to act as a synergy on the human organism.

  3. Our products are designed to naturally boost the body's essential functions- immune, hepatic, intestinal, cellular acidity, etc.

  4. We are working solely with nano-technology. This technology is based on administrating only nano-molecules which are dispensed in very small doses.

  5. There are no side effects to our products at recommended doses.


"The first and most important way into a healthy life is through nutrition"

Luc Moudon


Our Story

The company, founded by Dr. Luc Moudon and his daughter, Carole Moudon, is the result of Dr. Moudon's long career and his research in paramedical field. 

Indeed, this avant-garde doctor is none other than Dr. Catherine Kousmine’s protégé, a brilliant visionary in biological principles. The latter developed the four fundamental pillars of the Kousmine method: Nutrition, Alkalinization, Intestinal hygiene and Vitamin therapy. Taking over when she passed away, Dr. Luc Moudon became President of the Kousmine Foundation for many years and, in this position, developed the 5th pillar focused on immunity: Immunomodulation.

His researches were done in parallel with his personal medical practice, where he was facing a growing demand for patients with immunological deficiencies. Thus, in application of the theories developed within the Kousmine Foundation, Dr. Moudon focused on the prevention of various diseases related to immunology. Through, numerous research, developments and refinements he was eventually able to standardize his techniques and create products applicable to a global public.

It was then that, in 2018, his daughter Carole became involved in these projects and together they launched an international campaign.

In order to obtain products of the very best quality as well as to have a privileged access to the European and American market, all our products are manufactured in UK territory. Today, from its Swiss headquarters, MDN Devleopment is active on the European, American and Asian continents.


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